We offer translation of different types of texts: informative, journalistic, academic, literary, technical, scientific, legal, advertising brochures and web sites, among others; video subtitling; and certified translation of public documents.

We work with the following language pairs:

Our translations undergo a strict quality control process that covers the stages of translation, correction and revision, and proofreading by at least two professionals in our team.

Our translations unfailingly go through the following steps:

  1. The translator reads the original text more than once to grasp its content and its linguistic, contextual and cultural dimensions. This careful, comprehensive reading is done before re-expressing the text in the target language. If the source text needs adjustments, we offer our editing services.
  2. The translator then produces a new text in the desired target language, in a constant back-and-forth between the two versions. The translation process is dynamic and intense: it involves re-writing or re-expressing a text in a different language, and entails a research process that goes far beyond terminological issues, as translators must become well-acquainted  with the different subjects that are presented to them. As a first step in the quality control process, the translator reviews the translation before forwarding it to the editor.
  3. In the second stage of quality control the editor reviews the translated text and introduces necessary changes and improvements.
  4. Finally, the proofreader goes over the final text to make sure no mistake has gone unnoticed.

By following this process we guarantee to our clients that the final version we deliver is ready to be used or published.